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Walk with world is an activity for first and second year students in which they are trained to various areas of soft skills to inculcate in there persona. We have a series of interactive activities, sessions wherein the senior students train the junior students via interesting means following the principle of peer to peer learning. Walk With World activity is conducted by students under the guidance of human resource department of KIT College of engineering WWW what started by Mr. Abhinav Koyale And Mr. Ankit Rathi under guidance of Dr M. R. Sanandam in year 2008. Since then walk with world has been growing in all dimensions, there were two members at its inception and now it is a community of over 500 students and it’s successful in achieving its goal one after another under over 500 students and it’s successful in achieving its goal one after another under the capable leadership of all work with all presidents i.e. Mr. Abhinav Koyale, Mr.Ankit Rathi, Mr. Vinayak Pachalag , Ms.Neha Dolunkar and Ms. Siddhi Jagtap.

Walk with world since its startup in 2008 till today has tremendous response from first-year students, making admissions for this activity extremely competitive. students receive holistic approach in training where they learn things beyond textbooks to keep themselves at par with the world. Under the able guidance of Mr. Pramod Patil (faculty coordinator, Walk With World) today walk with world remains one of the important activity for first-year department. Walk with world has got international recognition by IIT Bombay techfest in the year 2012 and this concept has stood at the top from around 1000 concept throughout the globe regarding education system.


To make a student capable of handling all kinds of professional situation and to represent himself/Herself in a regardfull manner.


To train students in life skills and soft skills and to imbibe in them the skills essential after entering the professional world along with event management, situation handling and self representation skills at its best.


Abhigyan, the flagship event of KIT College and Walk with World, is an international student conference wherein a cluster of renowned personalities grace the event with their interactive lectures and experiences.

Abhigyan is a big arena of extensive knowledge for the students across the city as well as state. Abhigyan has set a benchmark with a crowd of 1200+ students and professionals attending the conference for more than 6 years.

Renowned personalities have graced the function with their auspicious presence and have enlightened the gathering with their valuable words.

Message by Faculty Coordinator

Boosting Inspiration is the real magic in human life, which transforms common individual to a unique persona. WWW is the platform for students to get motivated through the guidelines of seniors and anecdotes of the renowned heroes to ignite themselves for their future life. It also helps students to unearth their instinct potential and to polish it as per the professional needs.

As a coordinator Its great to observe the example of youth, enthusiasm and teamwork, as all the activities of WWW are planned, designed and executed by the Students. As nature has four seasons, WWW come with four beautiful sessions with its own features.

I personally appreciate and believe that WWW is playing a fruitful role in the learning life of students.

Mr. Pramod Patil
(Faculty coordinator, Walk With World)

Meet Team Walk With World

Lecture Creates Future

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    Religious Harmony..

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    महाराष्ट्र कन्या..

Abhigyan 2019

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Messsage from Event Head

BY Pritam Sapate
Abhigyan 2019

Abhigyaan : The Brand of KIT, the Hub of knowledge and intellect, the program which inspires to innovate, inspires to succeed and inspires to do what you love...

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